Hair Dye – Henna Tutorials

Chemical hair dyes are usually life threatening especially if you have no idea as to the ingredients that are being used by manufacturers. So, if you are planning to purchase a hair dye, be sure to check out the label of the box and identify ingredients that can be harmful to your hair, scalp and even your health.

This dilemma is very common for most people who are into coloring their hair but who are contemplating whether or not pursuing it. However, there is an alternative way for you to completely change your look into something more vibrant and naturally done.

The natural remedy of coloring your hair is safer than those that are chemically enhanced which may be a potential for you to get complications in the latter end and you cannot tell whether you’ll be safe or not. Keep in mind that your brain is lying next to your scalp and skull, wherein chemicals can be very irritating. First of all, you need to know your reasons as to why you need to dye your hair.

Well basically, for most people, change is their goal and to make that happen is to start by looking different regarding hair coloring. For other people, the most common reason is the growth of white hairs and covering it all up by dying your hair.

Saying no to harsh chemicals.

You may have products that you have been using for the longest time but that doesn’t mean that you are already safe from the chemicals that they contain. If you are still a beginner in choosing the right brand for you, be sure that you have tested it first prior to using it. This will greatly affect your body image if you are not careful enough to ensure yourself in knowing the product first before using it.

The importance of research is very essential, and remember that you are doing it for your sake and not for anyone else since you will be the one to color your hair.

Knowing about henna.

One of the safest ways for you to dye your hair is to simply use natural products that are made of pure extracts of leaves and other ingredients that make them safer to use rather than those types of hair dyes wherein you can really smell the strong scent of chemicals that are a little stingy and irritating to the nose. If that bothers you, how much so your hair and scalp? Henna is made up from a flowering shrub. Its fragrance is used as a perfume to make the product smell good.

There are different products of henna available such as it comes in a powder form, shampoo and conditioner. The result of henna is mostly very black.

Application of henna.

As you have already picked up a color of your choice, the next step that you’ll need to do is to mix it all in a bowl. Do not forget to use latex gloves so as not to ruin the entire place. With a bowl, it is important that you should be using a non-metallic item. As you mix the dyes, proper application of the henna in parting your hair is one way for you to have a better result.

Processing- usually hennas can last longer on your hair for about 3 hours of waiting until such time that it is ready for washing. Make sure that you are using clean water in draining all of the henna out of your hair.

Tips- it would be best for you to not use any shampoo within the first 48 hours after rinsing and use an old towel in drying up your hair as well.